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next issue of the D

Deellllllingquent, issue 5 and 7. yes, five AND seven, i started work on issue five a long while ago then must've put it aside and just started working and put out 6...just recently i found what i had for 5 and the only good thing about it was the cover...so im kinda glad i didnt put that out. So this is a combination issue. I'll be doing some artwork and such throughout 7 then typing around it, and 5 will mainly be comprised of some really good stuff i got emailed. I know that may make it sound lame, but its better than it sounds, seriously. I got a few articles from other writers. and i mean few, i'm not even talking about a handful here, maybe a handful for a midget or something, but not enough for a zine that has a free admission policy. Its been a while since i put a issue #6 but i've been working on a book, go figure. i'll explain other reasons in the zine. I'm mainly going to push to finish issue 5 and 7 before the midwest zine fest. I'm also writing this to not be reduntanly boring as i open the zine. So i hope i didnt bore anyone TOO much with this info, oh well, atleast its off my chest/out of my mind so it wont go into the zine.
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