Eclectic Starsparks Zine Distro (eclecticstars) wrote in mediahysteria,
Eclectic Starsparks Zine Distro

Eclectic Starsparks Zine Distro

I'll make this quick, cross posts can be annoying ;) I've created a brand new Australian-based distro, Eclectic Starsparks, send your zine in for consideration as I'm looking for ALL types of zines from all over the world. This distro has been created with the intent of helping to promote what "free speech" really is, as a forum for people to have their say on the world around them. Personal zines, zines with a political/activist edge to them, poetry, fiction, prose, memoirs... I'm interested in looking at anything. Mass media is controlled by those who have money; our media will be controlled by those who have WORDS. Lets take back the power and tell it like it really is, not what the corporate enterprises want us to hear. That's what Eclectic Starsparks is all about, so send in your work and be heard.

For more information, go to or email me, jade, at

Eclectic Starsparks Zine Distro

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