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MassMediaHysteria EZINE AND PRINTED!!!'s Journal
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Friday, January 28th, 2011
11:49 pm
Can't think outside the box.
 Television messes with your head. This is particularly the case now we're wandering parched through the death valley non-ratings period, when watching TV is akin to having dust blown in your eyes by the networks.

If you're a couch potato like me, it's a good bet you're resorting to DVD sets of hit shows you got for Christmas, which also means you can watch five hours of True Blood, The Wire or Entourageback to back and that's when things can get weird.

Watch enough Dexter (which, if you don't know, is about a serial killer) you start to daydream about dismembering people who tick you off in real life.

Advertisement: Story continues below
"I just have to plan it carefully like Dexter does, cover the room in plastic, then use my uncle's boat to drop the body pieces off the continental shelf," you think, before walking into human resources for your performance review.

Do a weekend retrospective of HBO's excellent western seriesDeadwood and you might find yourself swearing artfully like the characters do incessantly on that show – which can actually be pretty handy when dealing with HR.

Too much Mad Men makes you think chain-smoking and cheating on your wife are kind of glamorous and if Gyton Grantley can get away with dealing methamphetamine on Underbelly, surely I could earn myself a deposit for an investment property doing the same?

By episode 20 of Packed to the Rafters, you might think every family's issues can be resolved in 44 minutes, and if you can sit through the execrable Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, you might actually believe misogyny is a handy way to shag endless hot women.

Intellectually, we know we're watching a TV show but, as shown by the mania generated by programs such as Sex and the Cityor Gossip Girl it's all too easy to be drawn into these wonder worlds, to subconsciously believe the characters and their adventures really exist.

In 1978, Jerry Mander wrote an interesting book titled Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, one of which was that TV actually affects our ability to differentiate between what is real and what's not.

He asks readers to imagine scenarios like the American old west or an Eskimo village, which most people have never experienced in real life.

"Obviously the images were either from your own imagination or else they were from media. Can you identify which was which?" Mander writes.

It gets really interesting if you try to picture something as prosaic as a wedding or a mother cooking dinner. Despite all of us having experienced these events in reality, there's a good chance when you summon these scenarios you'll see images you've watched on TV or in a movie, often because they're more visually pleasing.

Mander's argument was that technology has moved faster than our brains, to the point many people's entire library of internal images now come exclusively from media.

Social commentator Chuck Klosterman takes up the point in his book Eating the Dinosaur, writing that since 1903, with the advent of moving pictures, our "reality" has changed forever.

"Humans have existed for 130,000 years," he writes. "The Great Train Robbery was made in 1903. For roughly 129,900 years, any moving image a human saw was actually real. It was there, right in front of you.

If a man in 1850 saw a train chugging toward his face, it was actually a train. For 129,900 years, we were conditioned to understand that seeing something in motion had a specific meaning."

Klosterman argues that intellectually, we understand the difference between someone being shot dead or raped, or winning the lottery on a TV screen and it happening in real life – but "is there any possible way that 129,900 years of psychological evolution can be altered within the span of a single century?

Is it also possible that the wonder worlds we've created for our entertainment in fact control us so profoundly, inform our motivations and desires so fundamentally, that we've ceded our intellectual freedom to moving pictures and their creators?

Me? I know I sometimes catch myself pondering what the characters from Lost or Band of Brothers or Love My Way are doing with themselves now, so I can't help puzzling what else I've absorbed from these strangers as I became part of their lives.

It's certainly enough to make me pick up a book this summer.
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
2:41 pm
I've been wanting to start a zine distro for a while, and i've finally got around to doing it. I'd appreciate it if you all would check it out, give me some feedback on how it looks and maybe submit some zines to be distro'ed!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
4:46 pm
Eclectic Starsparks Zine Distro
I'll make this quick, cross posts can be annoying ;) I've created a brand new Australian-based distro, Eclectic Starsparks, send your zine in for consideration as I'm looking for ALL types of zines from all over the world. This distro has been created with the intent of helping to promote what "free speech" really is, as a forum for people to have their say on the world around them. Personal zines, zines with a political/activist edge to them, poetry, fiction, prose, memoirs... I'm interested in looking at anything. Mass media is controlled by those who have money; our media will be controlled by those who have WORDS. Lets take back the power and tell it like it really is, not what the corporate enterprises want us to hear. That's what Eclectic Starsparks is all about, so send in your work and be heard.

For more information, go to eclectic-starsparks.org or email me, jade, at distro@eclectic-starsparks.org.

&flyer?Collapse )

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
8:09 pm
would anyone have any objections to me turning this into a different community? its not used very much so i didnt think anyone would.
Saturday, September 13th, 2003
11:20 am
=New Music!=

My name is Rocco and I promoting my music to livejournal to see if I can get some feedback on my work, meet some new peeps, or get some advice on the subject. I live in upstate NY and work as a solo artist with poetry mixed in with beats and trip-hop [See these great bands also comparing:Portishead, Massive Attack or any sort of trip-hop...take my songs a listen to...]

Here is my Artists Biography:
Anthony Rock BiographyCollapse )

Go to url: http://www.mp3.com/anthony_rock
to listen to my stuff!!!!

Let me know what you like or can gimme any feedback because that will be great.

Hope to Hear From you all soon.

Friday, September 12th, 2003
2:04 pm
starting a new comic/zine
contact me for info about it, im looking for people.
Thursday, August 14th, 2003
2:33 pm
doing it now because i havent been at a computer in a long time
FINALLY i post about the infoshop. okay, so just all you peoples know. 1914 E. Michigan Ave Lansing MI 48912 is the address of the Brigther Days Infoshop. We are open from 12pm to 8pm Tuesdays through Saturdays. We have Books, Movies, Zines, T-shirts, Patches, Buttons, posters, and thats just the first floor! So yeah, lots of stuff for free (mainly zines and newspapers and coffee). The majority of all our stuff is for our lending library, ask about becoming a member while your there. i've been practically living there since we opened last friday, running errands and loosing sleep over cataloging the books and organizing the zines, its friggin tedious! Eventually yes we will have shows, we'll be starting with spoken word and accoustical (ie: quite) stuff first, just to test the water and kinda ease into the situation not to mention our own store (for shows i mean)! Aside from being bad ass, its one of the few places in lansing that you dont have to pay to hang out at.
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
8:54 pm
i own |ash k booking|, we are a booking + promotion + desgin company. we are based in chicago,il. however we do have clientel in other states.

if you need any of the following contact me:
press kits [w/ cd or casstte], flyers, postards, stationary, logo designs, business cards, buttons, band booking, promotions.

we are also branching out into distrobutions. so if you have a zine or another type of publication we may be able to help you.

[our website is pending.]

email me at: akolodziej@ameritech.net
3:32 pm
3:20 pm
Sunday, July 20th, 2003
6:38 pm
next issue of the D
Deellllllingquent, issue 5 and 7. yes, five AND seven, i started work on issue five a long while ago then must've put it aside and just started working and put out 6...just recently i found what i had for 5 and the only good thing about it was the cover...so im kinda glad i didnt put that out. So this is a combination issue. I'll be doing some artwork and such throughout 7 then typing around it, and 5 will mainly be comprised of some really good stuff i got emailed. I know that may make it sound lame, but its better than it sounds, seriously. I got a few articles from other writers. and i mean few, i'm not even talking about a handful here, maybe a handful for a midget or something, but not enough for a zine that has a free admission policy. Its been a while since i put a issue #6 but i've been working on a book, go figure. i'll explain other reasons in the zine. I'm mainly going to push to finish issue 5 and 7 before the midwest zine fest. I'm also writing this to not be reduntanly boring as i open the zine. So i hope i didnt bore anyone TOO much with this info, oh well, atleast its off my chest/out of my mind so it wont go into the zine.
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
1:57 am
fuck you i won't do what you tell me
Marc Emery imprisoned in Regina


by Dana Larsen (13 Jul, 2003) Pot activist jailed for second time during his cross-country "Summer of Legalization" tour.

Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery's "Summer of Legalization" tour is turning into a "Summer of Busts," as Emery was imprisoned for the second time on Saturday, July 12, in Regina, Saskatchewan, for possession of marijuana.

Emery's cross-country tour was inspired by recent court decisions which have legalized possession of marijuana in Ontario. Judges in the provinces of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia have upheld the Ontario ruling as applying equally across all of Canada.

In early July, Emery announced that he would be travelling across Canada, stopping at 16 cities to openly smoke pot at rallies in front of their main police stations. His "Summer of Legalization" tour was aimed at promoting pot's new legal status by forcing the issue and standing down the police.

Emery had already held a rally in front of the Toronto police headquarters, and the police simply ignored the event and refused to even give comment to the media. Yet the nationwide tour did not have such an auspicious start.

At his first stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July 9, Emery was arrested and held overnight for possession of the half-gram he had in his treasured "Canucks Bong."

Read more...Collapse )

Marc Emery's "Summer of Legalization" tour

Thursday, July 10th, 2003
9:56 am

Marc Emery arrested in Winnipeg
by Dana Larsen (09 Jul, 2003) Cops bust 'Prince of Pot' for possession during smoke-in at police HQ.

Marc will spend the night in Remand
Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery was arrested today, July 9, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at about 4:20pm, during the first stop of what was planned to be a 16 city cross-country freedom tour.

Before leaving for Winnipeg, Emery declared his belief that recent court decisions in Ontario, which have legalized possession of marijuana in the province, apply equally across all of Canada.

"Cannabis possession is not an offense known to law anywhere in Canada," said Emery, announcing that he would begin his cross-country "Summer of Legalization Tour" with Winnipeg, Manitoba, and then go to Dauphin, Regina, and then on to other cities.

Although he was surrounded by the small crowd which had gathered, Emery was immediately arrested by police as he tried to light up his "Canucks Bong," which has the Canucks logo emblazoned into the glass. Police found no marijuana on Emery's person, other than that allegedly stuffed into the bowl, about to be lit.

Emery is being held overnight at the Winnipeg Remand Centre. He will be representing himself before a magistrate at 10am, July 10.

To reach the Winnipeg Police Department for media inquiries, or just to tell them your opinion, call 204-986-6037. To leave messages for Marc Emery, call the BC Marijuana Party office, at 604-684-7076.
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
11:56 am
calling all crafty chicago kids!
okay so chicago kids need only apply [unless you are in the not too far away area].

please email craftynoise@yahoo.com if you would like to join an independant craft guild. it is called crafty noise. i am excited about it cause i needed a project and low and behold there it is. ask to be added to the list. its hot!


miss ash
Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
12:57 am

does anyone know where i can research the stuff on this site?
i just want to check things out, read some newspaper articles, you know. thanks.
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
5:13 am
starting work on Delingquent # Lucky Sevens
I'm starting to take art, articles (rants, paragraphs, etc) for Delingquent # 7 (lucky sevens) or looking for material to review for the mass media hysteria section and im also looking for advertisers in an adept to make the zine more self substantial. I'm looking for revolutionary and perticularlly anarchist writers or anarchist bands/books/movies/zines i can review if at all possible.

some articles i'm working on:
-the intro to the book im working on 'prelude of a saboteur'
-thoughts in a city police state
-10 reasons to abolish government (full version)
-lucky superstisions for average person
-the speed of society
-silly summer sports, ie: full contact thumb wresteling
-advertising/anticapation of the Michigan zine fest (happening august 15-17!)
-something fun and anarchist related
-joining the sweet anthem press distro and other publishing comments
-(art) history of america in 12 frames or less
-media reviews

im also working on getting advertisers

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, June 2nd, 2003
3:38 pm
too fast, cant keep up, falling behind
we've be force fed a culture, a society based on speed. Get it up, clean it up, grip it, fold it, save it, save time, buy time, speed up, wash down, dress down. We're a nation on speed. Super highways, biways, side streets, speed signs, locomotives and automobiles, planes streaming overhead before, jet lag, bus lag, hours forward, hours backward. Our society is moving forward in technology and pieces of needless shit said to be time savers, cutting corners, to your door delievery, multi-task, over tasked. Evolution and the natural human mind havent been able to keep up leaving us in a state of confusion. A-D-D, 500 channels, A-D-H-D, video games, and movies living a whole life for us and completely without us. where were these symptoms, or these causes, 50 years ago? 100 years ago? Its at our workspaces, 9 to 5, rush hour, Priority mail, email, conference calls, call forwarding and faxing. It is even in our homes, the instantly built houses of the suburbs, instantly cooked microwave meals, instant messaging, alarm clocks, daily planners, calanders, the temporary solutions to every little fucked up thing, they're all pills or liquids found in the medicine cabniet. I have to wonder if anyone is steping to see that its all a system of control. We're made to think that if we dont have control of our time, we dont have control of our lives. Therefore a sense of powerlessness, or a sense of preoccupation, is instilled in a vast majority of the public. What i'm also prone to wonder is how we can move back to a non-time consuming society. is it even possible? i dont know if i have time to answer such a question, i have to get on the highway to drive to work where i drive all day. Hours pass by like minutes, and minutes turn to seconds. My work has the opposite time scale of prision. But i'm still trapped into wage slavery.

Current Mood: on speed
Friday, May 30th, 2003
9:23 am
alternet headlines
Grant-writing and fundraising position based in San Francisco. Prior experience in fundraising is not as important as superb written and verbal communication skills and project management skills. Great way to learn about progressive funding sources. People of color strongly encouraged to apply. Full job description and application information at:

Molly Ivins, AlterNet
The FCC has been captured by the industry it is supposed to regulate.

Robert Scheer, AlterNet
The military wants to blame the messenger, refusing to acknowledge its role in Lynchgate.

Robert Jensen, AlterNet
The 51 Democrats who left for Oklahoma earlier this month to derail a Republican redistricting plan did something that seems radical: They stood up for themselves and for the democratic process.

More civilian killings; CIA ignored analysts' predictions of looting; Saddam plots his return; Gulf War Syndrome's cause uncovered?

Ralph Brave, AlterNet
Look out: Legendary DNA scientist has laid out a strategic framework for moving science and society toward a new eugenics.

Michael I. Niman, AlterNet
Kodak's processing facility in upstate New York releases toxic
chemicals into the environment at astounding rates, and community activists are taking their protests to the world stage.
*In EnviroHealth: http://www.alternet.org/envirohealth/

Robert Kampia, AlterNet
The state-federal conflict over medical marijuana is heating up, even as evidence for marijuana's medical usefulness grows every day.
*In DrugReporter: http://www.alternet.org/drugreporter/

Arianna Huffington, AlterNet
The motto for the whole Democratic Party: "Vote for us -- we kinda, sorta disagree."

Julia Scott, AlterNet
The Ruckus Society jumps into the spoof playing-card deck biz with panache, exposing those exploiting war for selfish gain.

Scott Newstrom, PopPolitics.com
Political commentators have been claiming Dubya as a modern-day Prince Hal since the 1990s, ascribing a kingly divine right to a ruler who, from his assumption of the throne to his current crusade, lacks justification.
*In MediaCulture: http://www.alternet.org/mediaculture/

Your donations keep independent news independent. Help AlterNet continue to bring you non-corporate, quality journalism by making a tax-deductible contribution.

Can't imagine life without your AlterNet headlines? Then share the wealth! Forward our headlines to your family, friends and co-workers, or sign them up for a free subscription:

Need content? AlterNet's syndication service gives you access to thousands of articles on everything from human rights to human nature:
9:22 am
Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
5:01 pm
Music Review
I found this community in an interests search for 'musical reviews', and the general theme of the 'zine seemed to coincide with the slant of my review. You don't have to publish it, but I'd like to post it here as an entry. I have to warn you ahead of time, it's doomed not to be popular.

The Great White Hypes

Who are the White Stripes? From the first day I heard of this band, they have been enormously popular, but I still don't 'get it', whatever 'it' is about them that makes them so go-juice that everybody's falling over themselves to give them their highest honors. Well, actually, that's a lie -- I do know why they are popular, but I don't think it has anything to do with their music. There are four potential reasons I can think of as to why they might be so successful, order by least-to-most likelihood of probability:

1. Jack White's superstar status as a former member of The Wildbunch.

The Wild-what? Who? While the Wildbunch are somewhat popular in the States themselves right now, their hit single "Danger (High Voltage)" was cut long before fans in America had even started listening to it -- after the White Stripes were already popular. It's likely that any current listening the Wildbunch albums are getting is due to Jack White being in the lineup. I really doubt the Wildbunch have anything to do with the White Stripes' popularity.

2. The talent of two musicians creating such sweet, diverse, original music.

The first time I heard them, they struck me as sounding exactly like the Pixies but with less coherance or even cognizance, and far more annoying. The White Stripes are nowhere near as interesting, entertaining, talented, diverse, or original as The Pixies. I'm sorry, but I'm already too big of a fan of The Pixies, which means that bands that sound like them will always strike me as 'copying'. That's just how is goes in the world of music fandom. Other songs by them remind me of The Strokes. That's really too bad for them, the White Stripes and the Strokes. That there are two members is noteworthy, but hey, look at me, I'm just one member, let's go. Bang, wham, wail. Right.

3. The name "The White Stripes" is perfectly timed with the rebirth of wartime National Socialism, in the United States of America.

In fact, when I heard the name, I wondered "what kind of Carpenters-meets-Korn style hack is this going to be, and how much are they being paid by the Justice Department?" Actually, I figured that the zombie of Jim Morrison has been revived by pumping pure money into its veins and telling him that a war was on and we wanted to know if he'd write a song about the militarized monitoring of poppy plantation production in Afghanistan, and that any moment he would decay all over the stage and sing "This is the End" backwards with Neil Young spinning trance on backup. The importance of advertising isn't lost on any capitalist, and the importance of marketing isn't lost on any manager of talent. Nothing, however, beats having the right name. Hippies loved Jesus, Jesus was a carpenter, hence hippies loved The Carpenters moreso than they ought have. The name is a key ingredient of hype and the White Stripes have the rightest possible name for this time. They could be a couple of african-american old guys in a beret and a fez snapping their fingers and talking, not rhyming, over the sounds of a plucked cello and the noise of an Amsterdam coffee house and they would sell right now if they just called themselves "The White Stripes". If one of them started wailing like he'd skipped his meds, that would do wonders, too. If they came to America, they would be an instant hit albeit with a minority, which doesn't sell nearly as many albums as appealing to the White population in America, and I don't mean the family name.

4. Hype will feed itself.

Nobody was listening to the white stripes and then one day they were on Saturday Night Live. That whole week, nobody stopped talking about them. It was rather sudden, and suddenly the next day all of the radio stations had their new album. A few weeks later Rolling Stone gave them their highest mark of five stars, an honor that was at one time reserved for landmark albums, and then Conan O'Brien booked them for a solid week on his show, evidently making late-night hosting history. Give me a break, can we yet say 'protracted'? Timed release of materials to coincide with appearances is necessary to maintaining popularity, that monster that feeds on hype. That's why bands appear on shows at the same time they release new albums. A magazine giving high marks to hyped albums is a sure way to add to the hype of the band, which will add to the popularity of the band, which will -- to minds not paying attention to chronology of events -- seem to maintain the integrity of the magazine.

My answer to the White Stripes is to request more playtime for music by The Pixies. While this usually requires an 'underground' station to call into, that just makes it more worthwhile.
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