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too fast, cant keep up, falling behind

we've be force fed a culture, a society based on speed. Get it up, clean it up, grip it, fold it, save it, save time, buy time, speed up, wash down, dress down. We're a nation on speed. Super highways, biways, side streets, speed signs, locomotives and automobiles, planes streaming overhead before, jet lag, bus lag, hours forward, hours backward. Our society is moving forward in technology and pieces of needless shit said to be time savers, cutting corners, to your door delievery, multi-task, over tasked. Evolution and the natural human mind havent been able to keep up leaving us in a state of confusion. A-D-D, 500 channels, A-D-H-D, video games, and movies living a whole life for us and completely without us. where were these symptoms, or these causes, 50 years ago? 100 years ago? Its at our workspaces, 9 to 5, rush hour, Priority mail, email, conference calls, call forwarding and faxing. It is even in our homes, the instantly built houses of the suburbs, instantly cooked microwave meals, instant messaging, alarm clocks, daily planners, calanders, the temporary solutions to every little fucked up thing, they're all pills or liquids found in the medicine cabniet. I have to wonder if anyone is steping to see that its all a system of control. We're made to think that if we dont have control of our time, we dont have control of our lives. Therefore a sense of powerlessness, or a sense of preoccupation, is instilled in a vast majority of the public. What i'm also prone to wonder is how we can move back to a non-time consuming society. is it even possible? i dont know if i have time to answer such a question, i have to get on the highway to drive to work where i drive all day. Hours pass by like minutes, and minutes turn to seconds. My work has the opposite time scale of prision. But i'm still trapped into wage slavery.
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