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starting work on Delingquent # Lucky Sevens

I'm starting to take art, articles (rants, paragraphs, etc) for Delingquent # 7 (lucky sevens) or looking for material to review for the mass media hysteria section and im also looking for advertisers in an adept to make the zine more self substantial. I'm looking for revolutionary and perticularlly anarchist writers or anarchist bands/books/movies/zines i can review if at all possible.

some articles i'm working on:
-the intro to the book im working on 'prelude of a saboteur'
-thoughts in a city police state
-10 reasons to abolish government (full version)
-lucky superstisions for average person
-the speed of society
-silly summer sports, ie: full contact thumb wresteling
-advertising/anticapation of the Michigan zine fest (happening august 15-17!)
-something fun and anarchist related
-joining the sweet anthem press distro and other publishing comments
-(art) history of america in 12 frames or less
-media reviews

im also working on getting advertisers
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