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My name is Rocco and I promoting my music to livejournal to see if I can get some feedback on my work, meet some new peeps, or get some advice on the subject. I live in upstate NY and work as a solo artist with poetry mixed in with beats and trip-hop [See these great bands also comparing:Portishead, Massive Attack or any sort of trip-hop...take my songs a listen to...]

Here is my Artists Biography:

Originating from Syracuse, New York, Anthony Rock (Real Name: Rocco Paone Jr.)* recreates the beatnik image. The sound is like nothing else of the modern poetry revolution. Mixing dark trip-hop with lush spoken words, the songs coming from him are all something new if you are looking for some sort of new exposure to the music world. His influences include Portishead, Massive Attack, Ursula Rucker, and Sarah Fimm. Being in 1998, he had already over 1,200 pages of poetry composed spanning over four notebooks and two 700 paged documents on his computer. He began to use a tape deck, a drum machine, and samples in the start to give his sound a raw and extremely lo-fi edge. The release of the two demo collections, “Suede” and “Wunmanarmy” fell threw due to personal conflicts, resources and lack of public exposure. Going completely dormant until late 2002, he then posted some of the old tracks of his on MP3.com such as: “Hail Mary, Full of Grace,” “50 Percent Nightmare,” and “Things Come Apart.” At this point, the local area was first exposed to his sound. “Hail Mary, Full of Grace” peaked at the number one slot in the Syracuse area for a week and stayed there. The song also peaked at the same time at 143 in the state of New York. By March 2003 already at over 1,500 hits, he released the demo version of “I Thought She was Dead.” The song was an extremely melodramatic piece accompanied by a pulsating swirl of minimal drumbeats and sinister moans. The song became an instant hit in several different aspects. Success of “I Thought She was Dead” (demo) on MP3.com included: staying in the top 10 of the Syracuse Alternative Charts for over 2 weeks and debuting at number one in Syracuse also, peaking at 71 in New York State, and it entered the NEW WAVE CHARTS at slot 10. It stayed in the NEW WAVE CHARTS Top 50 for a little over a week. At this point it was time for a makeover, a new image, and remixing to all of Anthony Rock’s material. First came the new remix of “I Thought She was Dead” (an acoustic-ambient version) and a new track “Live, Breathe, and Die Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!”. These two different tracks came alive with the help of indie musician, EndlesslyDry. The birth of the “13:65 PM” EP came from the help of fellow ambient, drum and bass artist, Chaoboi. This was an across the land project over the computer and emails. Remixing the three songs featured on the EP, Chaoboi gave Anthony Rock’s words an even darker backdrop featuring military-sounding drums, string arrangements, and an abundant ambient sound. The intelligent work of Chaoboi has become a major part of the backbone to the “13:65 PM” EP project. The slated release for the EP is still TBA until Anthony Rock is able to find good enough resources to press and promote his work. He is currently working independently and depending solely on himself. Look out for him in coffeehouses and local music events everywhere in the near future. Also, look for his material on MP3.com.

Suede (Demo) 1998-1999
Wunmanarmy (Demo) 1999-2001
13:65 PM (EP) Produced in 2003. TBA release date

Go to url: http://www.mp3.com/anthony_rock
to listen to my stuff!!!!

Let me know what you like or can gimme any feedback because that will be great.

Hope to Hear From you all soon.

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